Blocks of Italian marble

MGS offers a wide choice of marbls variety: some of them comes from the best quarries distributed worldwide, many others are blocks of Italian marble made of the same material which was used to build the world famous imperial monuments.

The most renowned Italian marbles are Carrara marble, Botticino, Diaspro, Bardiglio and Portoro.

  • Carrara marble comes from Tuscany and is widely known in all its variety for the white, sometimes opalescent, background, crossed by natural grey / pearl veins. It is ideal for interiors, where it gives brightness to every environment, but is used everywhere in the world even for wider architectural outdoor purposes.
  • Bardiglio is another Tuscan natural stone: its characteristic solid grey background is ideal for minimal and contemporary style.
  • Botticino, classical or "flowery", is a pale variety of marble with very suggestive round veins, which give the best results after an accurate polishing.
  • Diaspro is a magnificent bright red Italian marble: quarries have been found mainly in Liguria and it is a great stone for very pompous works or for rich architectural details.
  • Portoro is another luxurious marble variety from Liguria: its name comes from "porto", that means "harbour" and "oro", which means "gold", and it has a black background with superb golden veins.

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