Granite Italy

Granite Italy: a successful choice. Italian granite is widely known due to its high quality ad the care that Italian manufacturers use all during the entire process, from quarrying to the final laying of the finished product.

Granite is widely used in Italy nowadays, as it has been used for centuries: its characteristics make it the ideal material for a wide range of purposes, from interior design to external adornments.

Every slab is unique: we can divide granites in a number of different main kinds but the structure is very variant among the slabs of each single category if we take a close look. Crystals are alternated with matt lines, thus creating a very vivid and dynamic optical effect.

The range of colours is impressive and always gives an aesthetical good feeling. From a technical point of view, once granite is finished and sealed, it is second only to stainless steel for hygienic control of bacteria: that's why it is often chosen for rooms which have specific sanitary needs, and that's also why it is so common to coat surfaces which are in contact with many people, like bars and restaurants, theatres, hotels and professional halls.

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