Granites and Marbles

Granites and marble slabs are the ideal material to cover many different surfaces: stairs, tables, walls and floors in granite or in marble are just some examples of what you can do with these precious materials. They are ideal for different purposes due to their length and their capacity to improve their appearance as time passes.

Hard to break and easy to clean, they are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, thanks to their endurance and resistance to stamping and to weathering. In Italy, granites and marbles are very popular and often chosen for flooring and for the covering of kitchen and bathroom tops, even in common houses and flats: granites and marbles can be combined using various techniques to get astonishing results even in small rooms.

The wide choice of colours gives the opportunity of creating different combinations, patterns and optical effects to improve the aesthetical possibilities of any room or wider spaces. Shades go from lighter colours to darker ones: the variety of textures, of brilliant crystalline structure of granites and the uniqueness of marble veins, make every slab unrepeatable, and so will be your coating, as you choose granites and marbles for your design.

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