Italian granite slabs

Italian granite slabs are ideal for different uses and purposes. Thanks to their impeccable hygienic characteristics, granite countertops are very recommended for kitchens, since they stop bacterial proliferation. Granites are also very used for flooring and for stairs, since they are very durable and available in a wide range of colours and types.

Our online gallery offers you an overview of our granite gamma: colours, veins and crystal patterns are unique, there are not two identical slabs, and so every granite work is unrepeatable. To profit by this feature, you can choose our slabs for a very suggestive staircase, where all the steps are similar but each one proposes its own “version” of the colour.

Italian granite slabs are also ideal for coating: their surfaces, once smoothed and polished, are extremely bright and vivid, enhancing the richness of the multitude of different elements composing the material. Actually we have more than a hundred of different granite types, ranging from solid materials to colourful slabs, dappled tables and streaked varieties of natural stone: just contact us to share your projects and your ideas, and our professional team will be glad to help you choosing the perfect granite slabs for your needs.

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