Italian Marble Slabs

MGS Italy offers you a wide choice of natural marble, ideal to fit all your purposes and styles. See the online gallery to discover the rich variety of carefully selected marble slabs: we offer both Italian and international stones, available to realize all of your projects with high quality materials.

White marbles: marble is mainly associated with its white varieties due to the large use of white stones in ancient times and in the neo-classical artistic period. Nowadays, white marbles, like the world famous Carrara marble, are widely appreciated because of their neutral look and the clean appearance, which gives an immediate sense of refinement to the room.

- Black marbles: ideal for wide spaces, black marbles are one of the rare dark materials which give a brilliant look to the surface, because of their brightness. Once they are finished, they are perfect for an elegant flooring or a stylish room.

- Coloured marbles: in this category you will find every desirable shade of marble, from green to yellow to bright full red. Coloured slabs are cut to enhance the beauty of their natural lines: they can be extremely dynamic and are the favourite kind of marble for special and very precious coating.

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