Italian marble tables for fireplaces

Marble has a high resistance to heat, that’s why Italian marble tables for fireplaces are often preferred to other materials.

A fireplace is made of two different parts: the chamber and the mantel. Since the mantel is the part which is visible and exposed, but still needs a good heat resistance, marble is one of the favourite materials for it.

You can combine different kinds of marble to have a dynamic effect, or you can chose the same material for the entire mantel and refine it with any kind of decoration, from classical to minimal inspiration.

The basic style of mantels starts often from a neoclassical scheme, due to the basic shape of fireplaces, which have two side columns and a top side: it’s very easy then to enhance the neoclassical scheme just adding some customized ideas that can turn it into a very traditional and pompous mantel, or you can chose a minimal and contemporary style, just keeping neat and simple lines.

Since marble is a natural stone, each fireplace is unique, because it’s impossible to find two identical slabs. Our marble tables are carefully chosen to give you the best product, ideal for fireplaces without the risk of crackings.

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