Alaska mood

The three-dimensional barbed effect that invokes a fabric combines with the ruined effect, to turn Invisible Gray into a vintage design project.

Material Invisible Grey

Finish Alaska mood

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The exquisite elegance of the Black Kafè’s masculine style is enhanced by imperfections and handmade lines that form a rough fabric surface.

Material Black Kafè

Finish Fabric

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From Japanese flavor, stylized and fragmented bamboo rash parts to full parts, creating shiny and opaque areas on Crema Emperador.

Material Crema Emperador

Finish Jungle

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Land rune

Archaic signs with indefinite contours create together a barbed effect that forms symbols like arrows and triangles. The graphic design is designed to alternate portions of microdecorated material into larger spaces where untreated surface can be seen.

Material Jurassic Brown

Finish Land rune

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Light reef

The giant coral animates the precious surface of the kaleidoscopic Confusion Dark, with a sinuous ramage that vegetates on the surface: the tropical effect is guaranteed.

Material Confusion Dark

Finish Light reef

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The lotus flower petals breathe, expand, gently amplifying their volume, to become a fascinating geometry that gives a new meaning to Bianco Lasa.

Material Bianco Lasa Vena Oro

Finish Lotus

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Luxury grey

A delicate texture that recalls the fabric covers the surface with microdetails, giving Gray Stone a new nuance.

Material Grey Stone

Finish Luxury grey

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Rhombus rich in details move, disengage, reconnect, and disperse, all in the midst of converging geometry chopsticks.

Material Pierre Grisè

Finish Matisse

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Noir lumier

With sophisticated design, beautiful light drops illuminate the Sahara noir marble, thanks to shapes that evoke the crystal pendants of the antique villas chandeliers.

Material Sahara noir

Finish Noir lumier

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A bright center or fan that expands, vibrating outward, is ready to capture all the looks of the observer.

Material Bardiglio Nuvolato

Finish Peacock

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