• Architects and designers: how to decorate with marble

Is marble an inaccessible material and so difficult to use? Absolutely not: more and more architects and designers are using marble in their interior and exterior design projects.

What are the advantages? And why is it being used more and more?

Here are all its secrets!

Marble: a timeless beauty

Marble has always been associated with famous sculptures of the past and great architectural works. A study has shown that more than 50% of people tend to associate marble with famous monuments – about 27.3% – or with staircases or floors of great buildings – about 24.3%. This only goes to show how the prevailing idea is that marble is used in large-scale works.

Despite the fact that consumers are increasingly interested in the theme of furnishing, there are still few who really know the potential of marble, thinking that it is difficult – if not impossible – to maintain it at its best.

In reality this is not the case at all! The important thing is to choose the right stone for the various uses, so that it can be used in any environment. This is because marble is a durable and robust material, able to give any room in the house a natural feel.

Architects, designers and marble: a perfect match

Nowadays to defend the great value of marble are architects and designers, who tend to choose this valuable material in their projects.

We must never forget that stone represents thousands of years of history. Italy today needs to rediscover its origins also thanks to the use of a material that it knows and can manage very well. In this world of great development and competition, marble represents a brave as well as elegant choice.

The knowledge and mastery of these elements allows architects and designers to elaborate projects by choosing the most suitable stone for the clients’ requests, for the different environments of the house and for the different uses of it in the houses.

In addition to preserving the traditions and techniques of stone processing, thanks to processes of experimentation and innovation, in recent years it has been possible to develop new finishes, to find new innovative possibilities both in terms of technology and expression.

For us, true Architecture must be composed of few elements, but natural, just like stone and marble, which has the advantage of not needing extraordinary attention. It is beautiful, and remains so forever.

Why marble is the ideal choice for architects and designers

Marble is particularly appreciated for its intrinsic beauty and elegance. Moreover, it is akin to different processes that are able to extrapolate from the same type of marble multiple aesthetic yields. Once extracted from the quarry, the marble is supplied in flat slabs, which can vary from a minimum thickness of 1 cm to a maximum of 30 cm. In this way it can be easily worked and subsequently used as a finishing element. Marble can be used both as a wall covering and for flooring. In addition, thanks to many specific treatments, it is also used to make coatings for fireplaces and kitchen tops.

Among the techniques most used by architects and designers for the most sophisticated projects, there is that of inlays. Thanks to special machinery is in fact possible to intervene on the slabs to create unique inlays, so that through the combination of different types of marble are formed decorations and images. Generally, these processes are made on design and chosen in sizes and colors. The possibility of customization makes this processing very interesting for those who want to obtain original and unique products.

Thanks to these innovative processes, marble can actually become the protagonist of new uses and be inserted in many areas. Through the machinery for trimming and the applied technologies, it is possible to give marble new shapes, enhancing projects and ideas of architects and designers. They are the first ones to rely blindly on the use of this natural stone for finishes, walls, floors, wide hallways and bathrooms, giving every environment a shiny, natural and majestic effect.

The advantages of this extraordinary natural stone

Why, as an architect and designer, should you consider using this material in your projects?

It is part of an ancient tradition

Marble processing is particularly well-known in Italy. For this reason, buying and using a product created with this material means bringing a piece of typical Italian tradition into your everyday life.

It is created to resist

With proper care, marble can last a lifetime. This translates into the fact that the purchase of a product made with marble offers a long-term guarantee that can excite those who observe it as if it were always the first time.

It is splendid and elegant

Marble is one of the most beautiful materials on Earth. It is no coincidence that it has been used many times to create some of the most famous works of art in the world.

It is bathed in light

All the works worked with this natural stone are able to capture the sunlight, going to reflect it in a picturesque way on all the environments of garden or home. All this helps to create sensational and beautiful play of light.

Goes with everything

Thanks to its innate beauty and elegance, you can combine marble in any context. The use of marble is always a good idea, both in terms of design and utility.

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