• Marble flooring and cladding for exteriors: BEST SOLUTIONS

Marble has always been one of the most widely used materials for outdoor flooring and wall cladding. Thanks to its versatility, marble outdoor wall coverings satisfy any taste, from the most classic to the most modern or whimsical, and turn any wall or paving into a true work of art.

Whether it is a courtyard, a driveway or a garden, every outdoor space must be taken care of down to the last detail, both functionally and aesthetically. In fact, with the use of marble, it is possible to range between numerous types of colors and shades. Nothing will ever compare to the elegant and striking effect that marble floors and walls give. 

The extraordinary properties of this natural stone not only offer a sought-after aesthetic, but are able to meet the most pretentious demands for durability over time and minimal water or moisture absorption.

Opting for marble flooring or cladding is the perfect choice if you want to make your home’s outdoor space unique and original.

Marble: synonymous with prestige for outdoor flooring and cladding 

Increasingly in demand and appreciated, marble embodies timeless elegance and beauty. This natural stone is perfectly suited to every style of decor and environment. It also lends itself to cladding any surface, offering a majestic and refined effect. 

Marble cladding is synonymous with prestige and quality. For this reason, it is suitable for cladding in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is particularly valued for its ability to uniquely reflect light, for its strength and durability over time, never losing its beauty and refinement.

This is why choosing marble for outdoor flooring and wall cladding is a conscious choice.

Marble flooring and cladding for exteriors: all the advantages 

Choosing marble for outdoor flooring and wall cladding brings with it a whole range of important advantages that are hard to find in other materials. 

Here are what are the three main advantages:

  • Durability: its great resistance to compression and abrasion tends to give this material an extremely long service life. As a confirmation of this characteristic, we can observe the vestiges of ancient cultures-such as the Roman and Greek ones-which have perfectly resisted the passage of time without ever losing charm and beauty; 
  • Safety: marble is a natural stone that contains no harmful or toxic substances. A very important element when we talk about installing outdoor paving or cladding – for example, in gardens or terraces; 
  • Perfect integration into natural environments: in the field of landscaping, the use of materials that are able to integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment is expected. Here is where outdoor marble manages to merge perfectly with its surroundings, becoming one with nature.

Marble flooring and cladding for exteriors: ideas and solutions

The exterior environment of a building or home constitutes a real calling card. Alone, the exterior can communicate an idea, a concept or an emotion, managing to capture the attention and the gaze of the observer. 

In fact, marble allows you to be able to play between glossy and matte effects, and between colors and shapes. In addition, thanks to its unmistakable veining, it is possible to beautify the outdoors with flooring and cladding that is not only durable, but also aesthetically original and eye-catching.

But choosing marble for outdoor paving and cladding is not just an aesthetic choice. Thanks to its great versatility, you can match marble with any style of home, from classic to modern. With this natural stone you can create harmonious decorations enriched with mesmerizing and elegant elements.

Here are some ideas and perfect solutions for your outdoor environments.

Biancone of Apricena 

One of the best solutions for enriching outdoor paving or marble cladding is Biancone marble from Apricena. This is a very versatile natural stone of limestone origin. To form striking pathways and walkways, it can also be used on turf. Biancone marble from Apricena offers claddings a rustic yet elegant look. Due to its Mediterranean characteristics and colors, this natural stone is especially recommended for modern gardens.

Carrara marble 

Carrara marble falls into the category of the finest marbles. Its pure beauty is characterized by its white background color, enriched by bright granules and light gray veins. For a clean environment of extraordinary elegance. 

Sicily’s Perlato Marble

Marble Perlato di Sicilia is characterized by its unmistakable ivory color, with flecks of calcite reminiscent of mother-of-pearl and shaded with more or less dark tones. The perfect choice for an original and eye-catching result. 

Green Alps Marble 

Verde Alpi marble is a uniform marble, quarried in Italy. It is a marble characterized by varying shades from dark green-almost tending to black-that can reach lighter areas of ochre color. It is used both outdoors and indoors, paying special attention to those areas with harsh climates. Perfect for cladding and flooring, carvings and turnings. 


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