• MGS Italy for W Rome hotel

Today we are telling you a story. This story is about a collaboration that has given rise to an important project that has as its protagonists beautiful marble and the Eternal City, Rome. Not only: we want to tell you about our passion for what we do, but also tell you how the encounter between different realities can give life to a maximum expression of beauty. 

Our participation in the realization of W Rome was greeted with great enthusiasm because a project of this caliber and international level has given us the opportunity to create innovative interior design finishes and to create unique and personalized pieces of furniture. 

W Rome: the WorldWide hotel of Marriott International 

Imagine yourself inside the rooms of the W Rome, sipping an aperitif on the terrace overlooking the main streets of the capital. You’ve walked down Via Condotti and Via del Corso, taken souvenir photos in front of the Trevi Fountain, and now you’re sitting here relaxing, while under your fingertips you can feel the smooth marble of the bar. The magnificent city of Rome, which never sleeps, is all around you.

The W Rome hotel is located just a few steps from the magnificent Spanish Steps and is developed in the historic buildings of Via Liguria. These residential structures were already renowned locations used for corporate or ministerial meetings. The restoration work was aimed at creating 159 spacious hotel rooms, exceptional suites and more: spaces for business events, two renowned restaurants and a gym and spa for the care of body and mind. 

The Marriott International group aims at excellence: for this reason it has chosen not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world to build a super comfortable luxury hotel, but has also chosen to enhance the W Rome through the work of 100% Made in Italy companies appreciated throughout the Italian territory, creating an entire system of high prestige and quality of which we are proud to have taken part. 

The exclusive location of W Rome was therefore the pretext to give life to an exceptional interior design that blends perfectly with the exclusive exteriors of one of the busiest and most central areas of Rome. And we are an integral part of this story.

The W Rome project from our point of view

When we got the confirmation of the W Rome project, we visited the studios of Mayer Architects in the city of Los Angeles. Our trip to the city of stars was a source of inspiration, so much so that it was during this meeting that we determined the materials to be used. 

Then, in collaboration with the professionals at Gili Creations, we created the first sample, a combination of our love for marble with fine wood.

In 2020 we started the first deliveries and we realized for the Marriott International group and the W Rome hotel several custom design elements, from conception to realization we carried out several works together with valid professionals and designers of great caliber. 

Fine marble counters 

Marble adapts perfectly to different surfaces, whether floors or tables, but not only. It is a material of intrinsic beauty, an indissoluble synonym of harmony and purity. For this project, we created marble counters that are the result of a wonderful mix of Super White marble, purple Calacatta marble and Rosso Levanto Turco. Three shades of color, from pure white to warm and enveloping red to purple Calacatta, which create a beautiful contrast with the cool surface to the touch. 

Super White, in particular, has the ability to combine the lightness and purity of white with cerulean and gray veins that give the marble decision and depth. Calacatta – in this case in its violet nuances – is a marble extracted from the quarries of Carrara, one of the most famous in the world. Its particular coloring makes it a particularly suggestive marble since the veins are more evident, clear, precise compared to other types of marble. Finally, Rosso Levanto Turco stands out from the other two colors thanks to its peculiar chromatic aspect.

Sitting at the corner bar of the roof of the W Rome hotel you can appreciate the quality cut and the pure beauty of a rare material.

Combined furniture 

The W Rome project sees marble as the absolute protagonist of the furniture. 

To create the furniture for the W Rome hotel we combined two types of stone: Silver Paradiso – black granite – and Bianco Carrara Gioia. The former has characteristic hazy, spiraling veins, like the foam of a stormy sea: in the black granite we chose, you can read all of nature and its absolute beauty. We have combined this deep granite with Bianco Carrara, with its delicate, soft grey streaks. Bianco Carrara, another precious Italian marble, creates a strong sense of contrast because it appears light and at the same time solid, impenetrable as only marble can be. 

Furniture made with the help of these marbles and wood by Gili Creation can be found in the bathrooms of the suites and rooms. In particular, Bianco Carrara Gioia is ideal for classy bathrooms because it makes the atmosphere as pleasant as in a spa, relaxing and soothing. 

Marble floors 

We can’t make a mystery of it: marble flooring is our pride and joy. In the W Rome restaurant and in the presidential room we have chosen to combine Travertino Rosso – a splendid natural stone whose color varies from deep red to soft red – with Rosso Levanto Italian marble, from the Ligurian town of the same name, and with Rosa Verona, an evocative natural stone with pinkish hues, like cherry trees in bloom, ideal for softening the warm and impetuous tones of red. 

All the marbles and stones used have been selected by Antolini, the main supplier of our natural stones.