• Natural STONE

Natural stone has always been the material of choice for both furniture and construction. Today, however, it is the symbol of excellence and luxury. 

That is why it does not matter whether you have a rustic, contemporary, trendy or minimalist style home: furnishing the bathroom in natural stone is always a winning choice. On the other hand, natural stone is an elegant, very charming and valuable material. You can use it for bathtubs, washbasins and much more. 

If combined with care and attention, natural stone contributes to creating the typical spa atmosphere in your bathroom, both aesthetically and functionally.  

If you are looking for ideas and solutions for furnishing your bathroom in natural stone, in this article you will find hints and tips on how to do it best. 

Natural stone bathroom: timeless beauty

Natural stone embodies timeless beauty, solidity and great value. Its strengths include resistance to all fashions and trends, as well as great resistance to the wear and tear of time. 

Here are the most popular materials that can be classified as natural stone:

  • marble;
  • sandstones;
  • slate;
  • travertine;
  • quartzite.

If you want to use natural stone in your bathroom and are looking for ideas and solutions to inspire you, just read on!

Natural stone bathroom: how to choose furniture and sanitary ware

If natural stone is used for cladding, no matter if for the walls or the floor, it becomes an integral part of the entire bathroom décor. This means that it must integrate perfectly with the style you have decided to adopt for this room. 

There are so many possible combinations. One idea could be to combine a stone countertop washbasin and an unfinished wooden counter. 

Another option could be to combine a plastic cabinet with a freestanding basin in grey stone. If, on the other hand, you like to be daring and are looking for something unique, you could choose for a marble floor-standing bathtub or a corner bathtub.

Stone bathroom: furnishing ideas 

Here is a series of ideas for furnishing your bathroom, perfect for making this the most relaxing and elegant room in the house. 


The washbasin can become the real focal point of the bathroom, using large blocks of natural stone that can become basins with hypnotic and sinuous shapes.

It will also be more resistant and durable than any other material.  

Shower tray

One of the most popular uses of natural stone in the bathroom is to use this precious material in the shower tray. 

To give the room a unique touch of elegance, our advice is to use a black marble, perhaps with a walk-in shower entrance. 


The natural stone bathtub is also a real focal point for the bathroom. Elegant, durable and hard-wearing: there is something for every taste and style!


For an elegant bathroom, there is nothing better than using natural stone to cover the floor. 

A tip? 

You can also decide on a small space, next to the shower or bathtub, reminiscent of the Zen philosophy.

One-piece slabs

For the cladding of your bathroom, you can also use whole slabs of natural stone, giving continuity to the whole room. Combined in this way, this effect must be studied to perfection, highlighting the contrasting veins or indulging in them. 

Total cladding 

The bathroom can also be completely clad in stone. An example would be where marble covers the walls and floor and is also used as a sanitary material. The aim is to have a continuity of the material used that is reminiscent of a small spa. 

If instead you want to intersperse the effect with another natural material, our advice is to choose wood.

Bathroom furniture: combinations with natural stone 

Natural stone bathroom furniture has the great boast of being able to perfectly combine the desire for refined aesthetics with the demands of practicality. Whatever your personal taste, you can choose natural or textured cladding to match the stone washbasin top or shower tray.

Other popular combinations include freestanding bathtubs and solid sinks.

In addition to its great visual impact, natural stone is very refined and pleasant to the touch.

Choosing finishes for your natural stone bathroom

When it comes to natural stone, there can be several finishes to choose from.

The split finish presents an uneven texture if you want to achieve a gibbous and irregular aesthetic result. Still preserving a characteristic natural effect, the bush-hammered finish provides a rough, speckled texture that can also be used with many marbles.


At the opposite end of the spectrum is the milled finish, the most commonly used solution to provide a vintage touch or a rustic character thanks to the striations on the surface.