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Today we want to introduce you to Vite Nove, a fascinating art exhibition for which we had the opportunity to be one of the sponsoring partners. We are really happy to have had the opportunity to sponsor such an expressive and elegantly nuanced event.  

Vite Nove: artistic vocation and the parallelism of one’s lives

The exhibition Vite Nove recalls, first of all, Dante’s Vita Nova, with a different meaning and nuance than the content connected to the love poetry of this literary masterpiece. 

Every artist who intimately lives his or her Art as a predestined vocation, builds in his or her creative achievement a true other life. A life that runs parallel to his daily existence. A kind of ideal dimension within which it is possible to express a rebirth, an inner renewal. It all contributes to approaching that pure Consciousness which is the ultimate goal of the earthly path. 

And this is precisely where the art exhibition Vite Nove (Nine Lives) fits in, highlighting the paths of two artists who are living a dual, augmented reality.

The first of these is a conventional life, while the second is dictated by deep and secret reasons. Over time these have become inescapable, necessary, suggested perhaps by that hypothetical Alter that inhabits the spiritual and psychic world. 

In the end each of us yearns and desires a new life, an inner space formed of crystal clear air and true light, where we can simply be ourselves. It is Milani’s out-of-time contaminations or Sandra Zeugna’s transnational scenes that support this exhortation within Nature and history, and at the same time outside of them, surrendering to very private dimensions guarded by the infinite reasons of the Heart.

The protagonists of Vite Nove

Sandra Zeugna

Sandra Zeugna was born in Trieste in 1958. She began her artistic activity as a self-taught artist, but later decided to attend two workshops of famous Trieste masters. Here a strong mutual artistic exchange takes place. 

She has participated in numerous group exhibitions, earning several awards and mentions. Among them, in 2005, at the “Premio Agazzi” of the Province of Bergamo, she received the 2nd prize with the silver medal of the Chamber of Deputies out of 950 works presented, in 2006 at the “International Drawing Prize” in Triste she was the winner out of 70 selected works. The artist has staged several solo exhibitions, including the Tartaglia Gallery in Rome, the A.P.T. Di Grado, Il Palazzo Veneziano in Malborghetto, the Galleria d’arte Contemporanea in Trieste, the Sant’Isaia Gallery in Bologna, and the L’Escale Gallery in Spilimbergo. She has also been a guest in various municipal venues and officially commissioned to set up a solo exhibition in conjunction with the 2003 Winter Universiade in Tarvisio. 

From 2005 to 2011, Sandra Zeugna was present at Arte Fiera Padova and Reggio Emilia. In 2018 she exhibited an anthological exhibition entitled “Ratio Dubii” at Spazio 212 in Bologna with the collaboration of Campogrande Concept. Also in 2018 she was a guest at the Palazzo Hercolani Bonora – AZIMUT Capital Management – Bologna. In 2019 she was a guest with a collection at the showroom of Poltrona Frau in Bologna. Since May 2020, in collaboration with Campogrande Concept she has been present with some works at the Torre Galfa in Milan. 

In September 2020, she set up an exhibition at the Palazzo Frisacco of the City of Tolmezzo, under the patronage of the Municipality of Tolmezzo, Eclipsis Style Project, Art-alive.eu and the Unesco Club of Udine.

Mauro Milani

Mauro Milani was born in Bologna in 1954. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he lives and works in Porto Cervo. His polymateric works are part of private collections, cultural centers and public spaces. He has collaborated as a set designer for national and foreign companies. 

He is currently involved in artistic-architectural designs, creation of design artifacts, and creation of parks and gardens. Some of his projects have been realized in Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo, Milan, Venice, Paris, Valencia, Moscow, Boston, Honolulu, and New York. 

His latest exhibitions were presented at Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande in Bologna, Castello Aragonese in Reggio Calabria, and Rocchetta Mattei in Grizzana Morandi. In 2019 he exhibited at the Quadreria di Palazzo Poggi Rossi Marsili in Bologna, and participated in the Napoli Moda Design event at the Contemporary House of Palazzo dei Congressi. Then, in 2020, he presented the event “De Speculi Natura” as a preview in Bologna. Later in Cividale del Friuli at the Monastery of Santa Maria in Valle, a UNESCO World Heritage site. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award given as part of the National Visual Arts Award organized by Eclipsis Style Project and Art Alive. 

In April 2021, the work “Possible Archaeologies” (2020) was acquired in the Permanent Heritage of the Auxilia Foundation Museum Collection at the Monastery of Santa Maria in Valle in Cividale del Friuli. In May 2021, the collection itself was officially recognized by ERPAC – Ente regionale per il patrimonio culturale – and included in the Regional Catalogue of Cultural Heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia.


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