• The timeless beauty of a marble floor

In the furnishing of a house the floor – especially a marble floor – takes on a fundamental importance. It represents, in fact, the business card of a home that is respected, as well as giving practicality and functionality to the environment. 

In particular, a marble floor is able to give every room of the house that extra touch that can make the difference. The same term Màrmaros, in ancient Greek means “shining stone”. Marble is in fact a metamorphic stone that has the ability to reflect light in various ways, resulting translucent and clear. Since ancient times, there have been many methods used to extract marble from quarries and enjoy this beautiful material. 

However, choosing which shade of marble to use in your floors is not easy, especially considering that the various furnishings will necessarily have to follow the environment created by this precious material. 

In this guide you will find everything you need to know about how to decorate the floor of your home with marble, making your spaces truly unique.

Marble flooring: quality and beauty of a natural stone

Marble is considered one of the most valuable stones in the world, mainly because there are many varieties, from the most classic to the rarest. Its eternal beauty comes mainly from its color – which most often also determines its degree of value – but also from the arrangement and quantity of veining, as well as the degree of compactness of the surface. 

In interior design projects, the beauty of marble and natural stone are unique and unparalleled: wall and floor coverings made of marble for interiors are really able to masterfully adapt to the different styles of the house, always giving a unique and timeless elegance to any type of environment. Among the advantages of choosing marble, therefore, is its majesty and its being so gorgeous in its natural state.

Contrary to what you may think, marble is impact and scratch resistant and if treated with waterproofing products it is not so porous as to retain stains.

As we have already mentioned, the use of marble must absolutely be accompanied by a decor that is in line with its peculiarities. In fact, there are various finishes and colors, so that the appearance of the house can change considerably, and therefore also the furniture.

How to furnish home with a marble floor?

Furnishing home with marble means creating a classy and elegant environment. 

In general, black marble – or in any case dark – is ideal for furnishing large spaces, especially those in classical or baroque style. Even modern homes with large windows or designer mirrors, enriched by lots of natural light and light-colored furnishings, can show off a dark marble floor. 

White marble, on the other hand, fits very well in more contemporary homes, especially when combined with innovative materials such as steel or glass, which give the entire environment shine. In this case, modern marble floors are the ideal solution.

If you want a home a little more eccentric, the shades and veining can be the protagonists, with even very strong colors for a more pop style.

In the living room

In its different shades of white, marble perfectly matches a living room with large windows and innovative and contemporary elements. On the other hand, in a living room with a marble floor on the beige shade, classic furniture in dark wood is perfect. 

If you prefer a marble with shades of green and red, modern style furniture and decorations are suitable.

In any case, marble itself is a fundamental element of furniture, so if it is black or white and basically uniform, you can choose a minimalist style of furniture, thus letting the floor become the protagonist of the living room. 

In the bathroom 

Classic and elegant, marble is one of the most used materials for the interior of a contemporary or luxury bathroom. 

White marble turns out to be very versatile, and in the bathroom it can be thought of both for wall and floor coverings. In fact, it can be the basic element of any type of design, from minimal to Nordic.

You could also opt for a black and white combination, creating in this way optical illusions that thanks to minimalism are able to make your bathroom seem larger.

For an elegant and more refined touch, an excellent solution is to choose warm shades of antique pink for some furnishing accessories, opting for a type of white marble enriched with golden veins. 

In the bedroom 

If you have decided to use marble also for your bedroom, to avoid a cold effect of the environment, the advice is to choose warm colors not only for the floor, but also for the furniture and upholstery.  

Remember that white marble, fits perfectly with the most modern styles, black or dark marble is indicated in very spacious and well-lit rooms – the ideal decor is traditional and classic -, while a beige marble or warm tones go perfectly with pastel colored upholstery, wood and floral patterns – perfect for your bedroom. 

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