• Marble in furniture: A COMPLETE GUIDE

Marble is one of the most popular materials in the field of interior design. Thanks to its unique characteristics, this natural stone can add a sense of elegance and sophistication to any room in the home. That’s why marble in furniture is definitely a winning choice to embellish your spaces. 

Polished, shiny, with distinctive veining and effects, solid and durable-this is what sets marble apart from all other materials. 

In this article, let’s take a closer look at how to employ this natural stone within furniture and some solutions from which to take inspiration.

All features of marble

The physical characteristics of marble make it particularly suitable for use in certain domestic settings, such as in the kitchen countertop or for the shower stall in the bathroom. Below we find some of its main characteristics:

  • resists impact and abrasion; 
  • lasts over time;
  • it is shiny and aesthetically pleasing.

What makes marble in furniture a perfect choice for one’s home is the special light effect it gives to surfaces, which in this way appear almost reflective. The veining and color change depending on the origin and type of the marble itself. The ranges of colors that marble can offer range from white-the classic example is the well-known Carrara marble-to colors such as pink, red, and black, which are particularly suitable for adding an unmistakable touch of elegance to a room. 

Marble in furniture: how to use it 

Marble is used extensively in building construction-especially for stairs and floors-and in private home furnishings-especially for kitchen countertops and in the bathroom. 

To get a full picture of its possible uses in furniture, marble can be used in:

  • floors;
  • bathroom countertops;
  • tables; 
  • wall coverings; 
  • kitchen backsplashes;
  • baseboards;
  • kitchen countertops;
  • objects, such as fountains, fireplaces, vases, or outdoor furniture. 

Marble in furniture: the best solutions for your home

As we have seen, marble represents a perfect choice if your goal is to embellish the rooms of your home and give a touch of elegance to your home. Let’s now take a look at some solutions you can take inspiration from when decorating your spaces. 

Marble stairs for interiors: for a modern and essential look

In recent years, the style that is gaining a lot of popularity is the minimalist style. Minimalist decor tends to put the spotlight on “basic” elements that are decorated and constructed from durable and particularly sought-after materials.

Due to its typical veining, marble is a hard and elegant stone. In addition, its different textures and colorations allow this material to adapt to so many uses. One of them is precisely marble stairs for interiors. 

This represents a refined and elegant idea that can attract attention in an environment that relies heavily on the concept of minimalism. Linear furniture can be juxtaposed with modern indoor marble stairs. In addition, as marble is a very hard and durable material, stairs do not easily get damaged over time, ensuring a mesmerizing and impactful visual result.

Marble kitchen countertops: the perfect combination of practicality and elegance 

Choosing a kitchen countertop made of marble means combining both aesthetic features of beauty and elegance, as well as purely functional components such as practicality and durability-essential features when it comes to a kitchen countertop! 

Moreover, marble is a particularly versatile material that can easily adapt to furnishing complements that belong to different genres and styles of furniture. Never forgetting its elegance and ability to embellish any space.

That’s why a marble kitchen countertop turns out to be a better choice than other materials available on the market today. However, there are natural materials such as granite and quartzite that are very durable and do not react to food acids. If you want to choose a marble countertop, good practice would be to use specific treatments that protect the marble surface from corrosion for the life of the countertop. 

In any case, marble kitchen countertops are a winning choice in many respects, but they require careful maintenance and attention in use. 

Marble floors: for a modern and minimal style 

Marble floors are increasingly being used inside homes, mainly due to the natural luster and royalty that only this natural stone is able to give to any room. Marble floors are mainly appreciated for reinforcing the decorating style of spaces, giving a touch of elegance and reinventing the rooms in which they are placed.

In fact, marble floors are used both in environments marked by a classic style and within more contemporary and modern settings. Whatever the style, marble always offers an elegant and minimal aesthetic impact, making it perfect in any type of space.