The marble shower tray represents an object of desire for those who like to experience it as a spa. An environment that over the years has no longer been conceived as an end in itself, but as a personal space that should welcome and give moments of pure relaxation. If you want to have such an effect, a marble shower tray is ideal. 

Emotion and connection with nature, timeless beauty, elegance and luxury: all characteristics that only a material like marble can offer.  

All this without neglecting the practical function that a good shower tray must fulfill: brightness, non-slip surface, heat resistance, and total impermeability. But again, these characteristics can be found precisely in marble, a natural stone that has always been used to make bathroom wall tiles. Moreover, it is a material that can harmonize perfectly both within contemporary and more classic environments, adapting to every style and personal taste. 

Because choosing a marble shower tray means not only giving your bathroom décor an aura of charm and elegance, but also establishing a deep connection with yourself.

Find out how to choose the right marble shower tray, which are the best coverings and the latest design trends.

Marble shower: best solutions 

If we dwell on the latest trends in bathroom furniture, we can see the shower being the absolute protagonist of this environment. A protagonist above all on an aesthetic level, but without ever losing its functionality.

First of all, whatever the decor of your bathroom, the shower must always be a practical object, akin to the style chosen for this environment and perfectly harmonized and inserted within the space. When choosing a shower tray, the first feature to consider is therefore that of practicality, perfectly optimized in space and akin to the style chosen for the decor. In this sense, the marble shower tray has no equal. 

Using marble for one’s shower tray means creating a feeling of luxury and well-being within one’s bathroom, but without neglecting that feature of practicality that must always be present. 

Harmony, elegance and naturalness: this is what a marble shower tray offers. 

Walk-in shower or shower with box? 

If you have to design a new shower, the first choice you have to make is between an open walk-in or a boxed shower. Let’s take a closer look at them to understand features and differences. 

The open shower-also referred to as a walk-in shower-has no doors and the only existing bulkhead is located on the opposite side from the wall on which the showerhead is usually placed. This solution represents a modern and very eye-catching version of the shower, and it acquires a sense of elegance and luxury especially if it is made using noble materials such as marble. In this case, a walk-in shower solution makes the space even more airy and bright.

For those who like an enclosed and collected shower, the best choice is to make a shower enclosure, usually transparent and made of glass. Even then, the marble shower tray will be fully enhanced, giving a sense of well-being to the whole bathroom. 

So, better open or boxed shower? 

It is a totally personal choice and in both cases it turns out to be contemporary, practical and able to enhance the elegance and beauty typical of a marble shower tray. 

Marble shower tray: which coverings to choose 

The marble shower tray makes every bathroom unique. It also fits perfectly with any style, thanks to its shades and types.

Let’s take a closer look at some examples. 

Verona red marble is visually very impactful, but never showy.  It is ideal in vintage or traditional bathrooms, to decorate in an elegant way, with bright or delicate tones and harmonious shades. It also pairs perfectly with wallpaper with pendant elements or with white ceramic. 

For more eclectic bathrooms, you might decide to opt for travertine marble, which is characterized by a warm, neutral coloring ranging from soft beige to walnut. An example is Travertino Osso, which can make your bathroom an exclusive environment by creating magnificent and refined atmospheres. 

Equally refined is the yellow Siena Extra marble, particularly eye-catching and bright. Perfect for decorating with style and creating unique and striking effects: the true star of your bathroom.

Finally, a striking choice is marble with a marked veining and good contrast. One of these is definitely Calacatta marble, to create an effect with a strong scenic and decorating character. One example is Calacatta Cielo, a marble characterized by patterning variation and unique color. The swirling veining is accentuated by light and dark tones of gray and charcoal. Calacatta Cielo marble is a distinctly contemporary combination of textures and tones, perfectly in tune with modern bathroom design concepts. 

Latest marble shower tray design trends

The latest trends point to walk-in shower solutions with ultra flat shower trays to create an open space bathroom by combining practicality and elegance. The Ultra Flat shower tray has a very small thickness, almost equal to the floor level. Therefore, it is able to offer an aesthetic effect identical to flush-floor solutions.

In terms of shape, the latest design trends focus on rectangular shower trays-perfect for very spacious bathrooms-and square ones-suitable for small spaces, thus abandoning curved lines and rounding.

Glazing is mostly transparent and very large, where tempered glass is confirmed as the preferred choice. 

Choosing the right marble shower liner and tray is a very important choice, both functionally and aesthetically. That is why it is important to rely on an expert who can advise you on the solutions that best suit your personal taste and the space available.

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