• Marble table HOW TO CHOOSE IT

If you have to furnish your home or are in the process of renovation, one of the choices to make is the type of table to buy. To make the environment elegant, modern and unique, the best solution is to choose a marble table. 

Deciding to buy a marble table means giving the room a detail that will absolutely make a difference. Wherever you want to place it – kitchen, living room, outdoor -, this piece of furniture will catch the eye, offering a touch of elegance to any environment. 

In this article we take a closer look at how to choose a marble table, analyzing the shapes and colors to choose from. 

Whatever your needs, a marble table is always the best choice.

Marble: the best choice for your environments 

Marble is a natural and highly prestigious material. It lends itself to use in homes when you want to give an elegant and unique touch to rooms. In fact, whether as a floor or wall covering, used as a top in kitchens or as a shower surface, marble is a fine choice for interior design.

The advantages in choosing this material lie in its natural, majestic and polished effect that lends an appearance of class and elegance. In addition, it is also a material that is resistant to scratches and bumps, so it is long-lasting.

Marble table: choosing the right shape

How to choose the shape of the marble table? The answer is: it depends! Not only on personal taste, but also on the space you have available. 

One of the most popular shapes is rectangular. In fact, for the same amount of space occupied, it allows more people to be seated than other shapes. Of course, the choice of rectangular marble table size depends on the number of people it has to accommodate. 

Let’s give some examples. 

If you need to seat six people, the rectangular table should be at least 120-130 cm in length. On the other hand, if you need to seat at least eight people, a 180 cm rectangular table should be your choice.

With a round marble table, you can create a relaxed, collected and convivial atmosphere. It also turns out to be less bulky than other solutions, thanks to the absence of edges and its special round shape, allowing smooth access from different positions. The round marble table is the perfect solution for those who have little space and want to play with a striking optical effect. In fact, a table of this shape makes much less impact on the eye due to its soft lines. Alternatively, you could opt for oval tables, where the marble proposal is spectacular.

If you have a small room and do not think a round table is the best choice for you, our advice is to choose a square table. For four people, the ideal size is at least 80-90 cm per side.

Finally, another very convenient alternative if you don’t have a lot of space but still want to have a marble table is to make it to measure. This way you can meet all your needs. In fact, marble is a very versatile material and can be easily adapted to different sizes, resulting in special and customized dimensions.

Marble table: color choice

One of the special features of marble is that it offers different colorations, which depend on its mineral impurities. For this reason, it will not be difficult to find a marble table that is more in line with the whole style of the house. 

When choosing your marble table, color represents one of the features that you should definitely dwell on carefully. Depending on your personal taste and the style you want to give the room, you will have to make different decisions. For their elegance and brightness, the most esteemed colors are white and black. 

White marble table

White marble easily adapts to modern decor styles-such as industrial or minimal-as well as classic decor styles such as country, vintage, and rustic. White marble is therefore very versatile and particularly refined. 

One example is white Carrara marble, the finest of the existing varieties of white marble. It has the characteristic veining that is typical of this natural material, although the background is expressly white.  

The choice of white marble is perfect for those who want to give a bright effect to the environment. 

Black marble table 

The black marble dining table is a very elegant choice. One of the most popular types is Marquinia marble, especially for its white veining and elegance. It easily adapts to any environment and provides an effect of solidity and unmistakable beauty. 

Colored marble tables

A more original choice is marble in colors other than black and white, such as red, yellow, brown, green, pink or blue. Colored marble tables can give the room not only elegance, but above all a special rarity.


If you want to add a unique touch to your environment, the marble table is the perfect choice. Discover our materioteca.