• Black marble: ideas and tips for decorating your home

Black marble is one of the most elegant and refined types of marble available. It is mainly used for wall and floor coverings and furnishings, and creates a strong stylistic impact due to its refined appearance, polished surface and distinctive veining.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the characteristics of black marble, how to use it to decorate your home, and how to keep it shiny and clean at all times.

Black marble: origin and variations

Black marble is obtained as a result of a particularly long and articulated natural process of sedimentary rocks.

Its dark color is due to the presence of many mineral elements, and it is enriched with distinctive reddish, gold or white veins. It is these minerals that mix together and create these unique effects.

To meet your every request, we at MGS Italy offer these variations of black marble:

  • Arabescato Orobico Black; 
  • Bianconero;
  • Black Kafè;
  • Nero Antico;
  • Nero Levanto;
  • Nero Marquina; 
  • Nero Vintage; 
  • Pietra Viva;
  • Port Black Extra;
  • Portoro Extra; 
  • Sahara Noir;
  • Silver Brown Wave.

Black marble: a choice of luxury and elegance

Black marble is a symbol of style, class and unbridled luxury, used in the creation of furniture accessories and to cover floors and walls.

The power of this type of marble is precisely to give a unique, elegant and sophisticated style to any room. The dark color makes it particularly bright and shiny, just like a mirror. The perfect material to enhance any detail.

Ideas and tips for decorating your home with black marble

Originally, black marble was used to cover floors and walls of luxury, or otherwise particularly large houses. Now black marble can also be used in kitchens, bedrooms, or for furnishings in any room and in any home. A precious detail within everyone’s reach.

So here are the best ideas for decorating your home using black marble.

Floor covering

Floor covering represents the main use of black marble. Covering the floor with this type of marble is a recommended choice for large finely furnished rooms, and for all those homes that aspire to become an example of extreme luxury.

Just as in the home where every single detail has value and makes a difference, as well as in a loft in a big city, black marble flooring embodies the essence of a cozy base where one can experiment with a wide variety of style ideas. Design, elegant, sophisticated or classic styles unfold to perfection thanks to the presence of black marble. In any case, our advice is to always maintain a certain sobriety in the decor, trying not to overindulge with contrasting combinations and very different colors. Black marble is perfect for clean, understated styles, even if they are very luxurious.


The use of black marble in the kitchen is one of the most practical and popular choices, despite the fact that it is still not a particularly popular solution. Being a material that is not afraid of wear and tear, where in an environment such as the kitchen it becomes a winning choice for flooring, backsplash or countertop. Black marble is well suited to minimal and designer environments, but it is also ideal for more rustic settings.

A winning combo in the kitchen is the combination of white doors and a marble top, especially if it features light veins that create continuity with the rest of the kitchen. If, on the other hand, you have a kitchen that opens onto the living and dining area, our advice is to use gray and beige, two softer colors that go better with the rest of the decor.


Using black marble in the bedroom can certainly be a risky choice, but one with great impact. In any case, it is always better not to exaggerate, especially if the room is not very spacious.

Our advice is to avoid using black marble for the floor in the sleeping area, but it is better to opt for furniture complements, such as a low coffee table.

Another solution that does not weigh down the room too much is the black marble wall behind the bed. To give balance to the room, leave the other walls white and choose textile elements – linens, rugs, curtains – in light colors.

Black marble furnitures

Black marble furnitures are particularly mesmerizing and fascinating.

Let’s take a few examples.
Black marble tables become the undisputed masters of any room, while the console table made of this material transforms the living room or entrance hall into an elegant oasis.

Remember that very often these are wooden structures, only covered in marble. If not, they would be very difficult and heavy to move or transport.

How to clean black marble

Black marble has so many advantages, such as giving luxury and elegance to any room. One of the very few disadvantages of black marble is its porosity: it absorbs liquids and can stain even irreversibly.

Therefore, home care and room selection are key aspects if you want to keep marble polished and perfectly shiny. To achieve a good polish, our advice is to use specific products, indicated for the treatment of this material. Alternatively, you can use a wool cloth, as it respects the marble and enhances its shine, avoiding creating any kind of scratch.

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