2022 was a year full of ideas and new challenges. A year that once again confirmed the dedication of our entire team, highlighting the beauty of the projects we had the pleasure of taking part in. All projects were marked by the values that have always distinguished MGS Italy: attention to detail. From design to installation, each phase was followed with extreme care to ensure a result beyond expectations.

A sincere thank you for the trust you have placed in us and in our ideas. We are ready to start a new year, always attentive to all your needs and requests. 

In this article we wanted to go over the projects that have excited us, giving us the opportunity to express all our creative soul. Now we are ready for a new year! 

MGS Italy for W Rome: the charm of marble meets the beauty of the eternal city 

This story is about a collaboration that resulted in an important project: the W Rome. A project in which the real protagonists were the splendid marbles and the beauty of the Eternal City, Rome. Our participation was welcomed with great enthusiasm, giving us the opportunity to create innovative interior design finishes and to create unique and personalized furniture elements. 

The restoration work was aimed at creating 159 spacious hotel rooms, exceptional suites, spaces used for business events, two renowned restaurants, and a gymnasium and spa for body and mind care. 

That’s why W Rome’s exclusive location was the pretext to bring to life an exceptional interior design that blended perfectly with the exclusive exteriors of one of the city’s busiest. 

It was an honor for us to be an integral part of this wonderful story. 

Vite Nove: always supporting art 

Another project that has characterized our 2022 is Vite Nove, a fascinating art exhibition for which we had the opportunity to be among the sponsoring partners. MGS Italy has always supported all forms of art and artistic beauty. That is why we are really happy to have had the opportunity to sponsor such an expressive and elegantly nuanced event.  

The exhibition recalled Dante’s Vita Nova, enriched with a different meaning and nuance to the content connected to the love poetry of this literary masterpiece. 

An exposition based on the idea that every artist who intimately lives his or her Art as a predestined vocation, builds in his or her creative achievement a true other life. A life that runs parallel to his daily existence. A kind of ideal dimension in which it is possible to express a rebirth and a true inner renewal. 

A unique occasion in which we highlighted beauty in all its forms and expressions. 

MGS Italy for Vescovo Moro: the aroma of cuisine meets the elegance of marble

Another important project that has seen us as protagonists is Vescovo Moro, a restaurant known in Verona for its incredible culinary offer, a mix of local and international cuisine, but also home to various sommelier courses. 

We at MGS Italy had the pleasure and opportunity to put our creative soul into this project, helping to bring to life a unique, elegant and dreamy environment. We created the outdoor tables, the open spot of Irish Green in the tasting room and the backlit Onyx Ivory lettering with the side fountain of Fusion Wow in stratos design finish.

To enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the Bishop Moro Restaurant, we focused on certain aspects that could give elegance and sophistication to the whole environment, both outside and inside. That is why at first we decided to focus on making the open spot of Irish Green in the tasting room. 

Instead, in order to achieve a movement in interior design and architecture, it is essential that there be the ability to come up with new tools in the service of creativity. That is why in the Bishop Moro project we chose a precious and refined material: the Fusion Wow, a granite that lends itself to giving value to the most fascinating environments.

Finally, thanks to the presence of backlighting, each natural stone cladding presents itself not only as a focal point within the environment in which it is placed, but more importantly, as a source of novel and impactful visual effects that actively interact with the surrounding elements. 

2023: new projects, same values as always

The year 2022 was indeed a year full of excitement, and this was possible thanks to the trust that our customers placed in our projects. 

With the new year, we want to improve even more, coming to meet all kinds of requests. As always, MGS Italy makes flexibility one of its strengths, in order to be able to offer you services tailored to your ideas, following all the stages of the realization of a project involving the use of natural stone or placing ourselves as the interlocutor only for some stages of the concretization of your dreams. 

From the supply of material slabs only, to the design and realization of claddings, shower trays, kitchen tops, tables: MGS Italy is always at your side.