Why choose a natural stone floor

Choosing flooring and cladding for your home is not always easy. Most of the time we tend to exclude the use of natural stone, because it is considered a particularly fragile material and difficult to maintain.

In reality this is not the case at all! The important thing is to choose the right stone for the different uses, in this way you can use it in any environment since it is a durable and robust material – to emphasize its great ability to withstand very heavy loads – able to give any room of the house a feeling of naturalness.

Nowadays, stone cladding is becoming more and more popular for both interior and exterior surfaces. Its peculiar artistic and technical characteristics make it one of the most sought-after materials.

In this article we will take a closer look at what are the main characteristics that make this type of stone unique, but above all the reasons why you should consider using it for the floors of your rooms.

Natural stone: what it is and its characteristics

Its technical characteristics – resistance and strength – are perfectly combined with the aesthetic ones, which only a precious material like natural stone can guarantee. In fact, with this material it is possible to give shape to countless decorations and visual effects, according to the imagination of the installer and/or the client. The combinations can be many, but the result will always be the same: the uniqueness of your environment.

Types and uses of natural stone

There are several types of natural stone that are used in the building industry, which differ from each other for specific peculiarities of resistance and hardness, but all have in common an excellent aesthetic performance.

Generally the stones used for external and internal coverings are the following:

  • Quartzite, a metamorphic rock;
  • Marble, a metamorphic rock, mainly composed of calcium carbonate;
  • Granite, of volcanic origin;
  • Porfid, which results from the cooling of lava;
  • Basalt, of lava origin.

Thanks to its characteristics of resistance, strength and aesthetic beauty, natural stone can really be used in different environments, without ever losing its value.

As far as interior uses are concerned, this type of stone is able to give a particular sense of elegance and natural feeling. There are so many decorative motifs that can be made with natural stone, so it is possible to customize any type of environment, so as to create combinations with the many facets of different architectural styles – from rustic architecture to more classic and modern environments.

The naturalness of this material is also synonymous with diversity, as stones can have heterogeneous colors and sizes, as well as different finishes.

On the other hand, as far as external coverings are concerned, its characteristics of hardness and compactness make natural stone perfect for paving, pathways, gazebos, for decorating gardens and for covering non-covered swimming pools. Our advice is to use an opaque stone for environments that are not very sunny.

In any case, the different types of stone are able to give a unique effect to the environments in which they are used. In this sense, the marble is most commonly used for the lining of interiors, and helps to give a feeling of classicism and sumptuousness. To give a sense of regularity and sobriety are used instead of marble cut into a small format with a variety of shapes.

5 reasons to choose natural stone

There are many reasons to choose natural stone for your floors or walls. We have decided to select 5 of them. Here are them:

Resists temperature variations

The right natural stone can perfectly handle changes in climate, such as humidity and high temperatures. For this reason, natural stone is ideal for bathrooms and exteriors.

We will advise you on the most suitable stone for your needs.

Few scratches

This type of stone is very difficult to mark. However, in case of damage, it can be easily and quickly repaired, thanks to the existence of resins and waxes specially created for this material and the possibility to re-sand it.

Versatility of use

Natural stone can be used for both outdoor and indoor environments. In this way it is possible to use a single material, perhaps playing with the finishes between interior and exterior, maintaining a homogeneity of color and material.


Every natural stone is unique! The shades of color and veining are always different. In this way every single slab is unique and special.


Natural stone can have different finishes, which can be perfectly adapted to different styles of decor and the personal tastes of the owner.

In short, this type of stone will make every detail even more precious, accompanying you over the years thanks to its strength.

Making your rooms unique has never been so easy!