Imagine immersing yourself in a unique atmosphere as you savor the scents of local food expertly combined with what the international culinary world has to offer. Imagine now that you are in a place where these scents are combined with the elegance that only natural stone can bestow.

All this has a name: Vescovo Moro.

A restaurant known in Verona for its incredible culinary offerings, a mix of local and international cuisine, located near the center, but also home to various sommelier courses. MGS Italy was pleased to put its creative soul into this project, helping to create a unique, elegant and dreamy environment. What we achieved are the outdoor tables, the open spot of Irish Green in the tasting room, and the backlit Onyx Ivory lettering with the side fountain of Fusion Wow in stratos design finish.

When the scent of cooking meets the elegance of marble.

Vescovo Moro from our point of view

To enhance the Vescovo Moro Restaurant, we focused on certain aspects that could give elegance and sophistication to the entire environment, both outside and inside.

Open stain of Irish Green marble 

At first we focused on the creation of the open stain of Irish Green in the tasting room. 

Open stain marble is used to refer to a technique of both working and laying a marble floor or wall covering. It is a very special type of processing, whereby the veins of the marble slabs are able to create a pattern together. The result is absolutely unique emerite geometries. 

In this type of processing, the slabs of a single block of marble are opened and placed side by side just as if they were the pages of a book. In this way a harmonious, large-scale design is created. In order to be able to achieve an organic and impactful effect, when working with open-spot marble it is advisable to use large segments, which allow the entire grain to be laid. This is why in open-spot processing it is not possible to use all of marble, but it is necessary to choose particularly veined or oriented stones. Only in this way is it possible to achieve a mirror-like pattern with bold, defined tones.

That is why in this case we chose Irish Green marble. This is a marble characterized by the uneven coloring, which magnifies the green tones and with shades degrading from dark to light. Moreover, due to the presence of some veins tending to white and others of a translucent apple color, Irish Green is a unique material in the world. 

During the Renaissance, this stone was used by architects to flood the splendid palaces they adorned with magnificent works with the hues of forests and fields. Thanks to its variegated veining, Irish Green makes it possible to create unusual geometries, making each project unique and unrepeatable, just as in the case of the Vescovo Moro restaurant. 

Waterfall in Fusion Wow in Stratos finish design

To create movement in interior design and architecture, it is essential that there subsists the ability to propose new tools in the service of creativity. That is why in this project we have chosen a precious and refined material: it is Fusion Wow, a granite that lends itself to adding value to the most fascinating environments.

The Stratos Design finish was achieved through the use of two different technologies: Sandblasting and Hydro finish, with vertical movement of the machine so as to make the grooves.

In particular, sandblasting is a special finish that tends to enhance the natural appearance of the stone. The treatment is carried out through a high-pressure sand jet that makes the surface matte and rough without changing its flatness. On the other hand, Hydro finish is a high-pressure water jet that scratches the stone and gives this very textured effect.

Ivory Onyx backlit panel with the restaurant’s logo.

Turkish Onyx represents the layering of minerals over the centuries within thin channels of color with white, brown and beige tones. In addition, the more pronounced presence of a few veins of walnut color allows for unique open-spot workings. Very elegant and backlit, Onyx is a uniform color material with some golden hues, perfect for exclusive elegant interiors.

Backlit quartz countertops for the base of umbrellas

Thanks to the presence of backlighting, each natural stone cladding presents itself not only as a focal point within the environment in which it is placed, but more importantly a source of novel and impactful visual effects that actively interact with the surrounding elements. 

This is why one of the most innovative technologies in the field of contemporary architecture is precisely the use of backlit marble. Light is placed in panels that are mounted behind thin marble or onyx slabs, which can take advantage of the translucent properties typical of these materials. The result is a striking and magical atmosphere enhanced by the beauty and colors of these precious natural stones.

All the marbles and stones used were selected by Antolini, the main supplier of our natural stones.